Customers quotes

"I did not expect to see a pet door installation turn out as good looking as the Plexidor."

Honestly, I expected to see a hole cut into my door and the door installed. You did a fabulous job. I came in as you were peeling off the painters tape used for sealing the edges of the pet door. The sealant has straight lines! I also noticed that the last thing going into your van was the vacuum cleaner. I appreciate the cleanliness!...Very professional!

Curtis Romey


Jessica Delgado:

"Thanks for installing our pet door. You have made my life less stressfull. I come home to a happy dawg and a clean house. No more messy carpets..."

Cristal Weiz:

"You guys did a very professional job installing the Plexidor through the brick. I was wooorried at first, but you guys made it look so easy. Rusty goes through it constantly and I have no more accidents in my home. Thank you John!!!!"

Aimee & Joe:

"We were at first concerned about getting a dog door for our JRT due to security, but our pet door is too small for anyone to come through. We have not had anything come through yet. Very professional installation."

Jessica Monteza:

"I absolutely love the way my pet door was installed in my french door. Friends can't beleive that this can be done. Rocky, my Lab uses it constantly. I am sure he appreciates it more than I do. Thanks guys!!"


"I am an employee of Hale Pet Door Manufacturing, as I was looking for websites that sell our door, I came across this one and I must say I was very impressed by your installation photos of our pet doors. It makes our doors look great, which they are if you want a quality door. Thank you.."