San Antonio Dog Doors in Standard Doors Installation Gallery

About the Pet Door in a Standard Door Installation Gallery

The above pet door installation gallery is a sample of pet doors that have been installed in San Antonio and surrounding cities in standard people doors by our company. Most are premium pet doors that have a huge advantage in energy efficiency over standard retail pet doors such as those found at local pet store retail outlets. We have included some retail pet doors in this gallery to show that we will also install customer provided pet doors. We also included upgrade photos from the retail inexpensive pet door to our premium energy efficient pet doors. On average, the energy savings is $10-$50 dollars per month compared to the single flap design inexpensive pet doors. Many pet doors that we install are offset due to a specific reason. We feel that the further away from the door handle and lock that the pet door is, the less likely someone will reach in and unlock the door through the pet door which is a security feature that we always offer the customer, but if a customer wants it in the center, we put it in the center. These pet door installations start at $159. Contact us to schedule your installation today!