Our Team

John Moya
John is the owner and operator of Alamo Pet Doors & Pet Fences. He started out in this business as a PetSafe Dealer in 2006. With the purchase of Invisible Fence by Radio Systems Corporation, John was left with a decision to stay onboard and have his ex-competitor become his vendor or seek out another vendor and product line. He took the latter and has never looked back.

Luiz Terrazas

Luiz is one of our pet door & pet fence installation experts in San Antonio. He has many pet door installations in brick walls under his belt. You can see him in action here.

About San Antonio Energy Efficient Security Dog Doors

Our goal is to provide the best and most energy efficient pet doors on the market to pet owners that want to stop the hassles and the worries about letting their pets outside in the San Antonio, Texas local area. This is why we did an extensive research on pet doors to include "trial and error". We learned valuable lessons that hit us hard in the pocket book so that our customers don't have to go through the same "trials and errors". To find out more of what we learned, please contact us and we will mail you a free, no obligation report titled " Things You Must Know Before Buying and Installing a Pet Door!"


My Golden Retreiver Ate My Carpet & Litter Box

San Antonio Dog Doors

As pet owners, we know the frustration of coming home to an unhappy pet. The owner , John Moya, understands what it is like to receive a phone call and being informed that "Sebastian ate the carpet...........the whole carpet!"


He also understands how frustrating it was in preventing Sebastian from eating Kitty Kat's poop. Throwing Sebastian outside in the hot Texas summer with no access to shade or a cool place was not the best idea. Installing a dog door so that Sebastian could be destructive outside was the best solution. Kitty Kat's litter box was moved into a closet with a cat flap installed thus ending the poop eating contest that was won by Sebastian on a daily bases.


We started out as a PetSafe dealer in 2006. In 2007, company changes by Radio Systems Corporation forced us to look for alternative vendors. This change in vendors resulted in better quality pet doors and a higher energy efficiency for our customers. We have the necessary professional tools and experience to install any pet door on the market. Most pet door installations take about 1.5 to 2 hours to include training your pet/ pets to use it. Our preffered pet doors are Plexidor and Hale pet doors, but have access to less expensive pet doors for customers who are on a tight budget. We will also install any pet door that you provide to include those manufactured by PetSafe starting at $159. Fair pricing, the understanding of the frustration pets with no access outside can cause, professional installation and great customer service are just a few reasons to choose Alamo Pet Doors & Pet Fences. We know the benefits of owning a pet door and would like to share that benefit with you. Don't take our word for it, visit the installation and video galleries in our left side bar and judge for yourself.  A picture is worth a thousand words. Visit our testimonials page and see what others have to say about us.